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Past Simple или Present Perfect? Предложение ''Could you tell me what happened just now?'' Это же Past Simple?

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Найдите 6 предложений past Simple и 6 Past Perfect

Mr Grams: I want to talk to you, Inin. You are the worst tiger, we have ever had!

Misha: What? Why am I a tiger, sir?

Mr Grams: There are four teams in our school: the Tigers, the Bears, the Sharks and the Foxes. When a new pupil comes to school, he goes into one of the teams. The teams compete. If you do something good, you earn your team points. If you do something bad, you lose your team points. At the end of the year one team wins and gets a cup. It is very important for everybody at school.

Misha: I am sorry, sir, I didn't know about it, sir.

Mr Grams: Then I am telling you: "You are a tiger. I am the head of your team and you have already lost us twenty points."

Misha: Why have I lost all these points, sir?

Mr Grams: You have already been late three times and you've had three detentions.

Misha: When was I late, sir?

Mr Grams: Well, you were late on Monday, 12 October, on Thursday, 15 October and last Friday.

Misha: What should I do now, sir?

Mr Grams: You must earn some points for your team.

Misha: But how, sir?

Mr Grams: There are a lot of activities you can do and earn points. Have you ever done any sports?

Misha: Yes, I have. I've done skiing and skating. I did skiing when I was seven and I did skating when I was four. But I gave up years ago.

Mr Grams: I think you should look at this list of activities and choose something.

Misha: Thank you, sir.

найдите 6 предложений past Simple и 6 Past Perfect
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Well I came top of the class again. One hundred out of one hundred for Maths. And one hundred out of one hundred for English. There isn't one kid in the class who can come near me. Next to me they are all dumb.

Even when I was a baby I was smart. Since then I have always been very advanced for my age. Every year I win a lot of prizes: top of the class, top of the school, stuff like that. I won a prize for spelling when I was only three years old. I am a terrific speller. If you can say it, I can spell it. I can spell every word there is.

Some kids don't like me; I know for a fact. They say I'm show off. I don't care. They are just jealous because they are not as clever as me.

Last week something has happened. Another kid got one hundred out of one hundred for Maths too. That never happened before - no one had ever done as well as me. A kid called Jerome Dadian beat me. He must have cheated. I was sure he cheated. It had something to do with that ice cream. I decided to find out what was going on.

It all started with the ice cream man, Mr Peppi. The old fool had a van which he parked outside the school. He sold ice cream, all different types / He had every flavour there is, and some that I had never heard of before. He didn't like very much. He told me off once. "Go to the back of the queue," he said. "You pushed in."

"Mind your own business, Pop," I told him. "Just hand over the ice cream."

"No," he said. "I won't serve you unless you go to the back."

I went round to the back of the van, but I didn't get in the queue. I took out a nail and made a long scratch on his rotten old van. He had just had it painted. Peppi came and had a look. Tears came into his eyes. "You are a bad boy," he said. "One day you will get into trouble. You think you are smart. One day you will be too smart."

I just laughed and walked off. I knew he wouldn't do anything. He was too soft-hearted. He was always giving free ice creams to kids that had no money. The silly fool.

There were a lot of stories going round that ice cream. People said that it was good for you. Some kids said that it made you better when you were sick. One of the teachers called it "happy Ice Cream". I didn't believe it; it never maid me happy.

All the same, there was something strange about it. Take Pimples Peterson for example. That wasn't his real name - I just called him that because he had a lot of pimples. One day Peppi heard me calling Pimples that name and gave Peterson a purple coloured ice cream. "Here, eat this," he said. "I am giving it to you for nothing. It will help you to get rid of your pimples."

I laughed and laughed. Ice cream doesn't get rid of pimples, it gives you pimples. Anyway, the next day when Peterson came to school he had no pimples. No one. I couldn't believe it. The ice cream had cured his pimples.

I made up my mind to put a stop to this ice cream business. Jerome Dadian had been eating ice cream the day he got one hundred for Maths. It must have been the ice cream making him smart. I wasn't going to have anyone doing as well as mw. I was the smartest kid in the school, and that's way I wanted it to stay. I wanted to get a look inside that ice cream van to find out what was going on.

I knew where Peppi kept his van at night. So at about eleven o'clock I crept out of the house. There was no one around when I reached the van. I opened the door with a crowbar and shone my torch around inside. I had never seen so many tubs of ice cream before. There was every kind of ice cream. You could think of: tasting apple and banana, cherry and mango, blackberry and watermelon, and about fifty other flavours. Right at the end of the van were four bins with locks on them. I went over and had a look. These were his special flavours.

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Помогите прошу вас

Exercise 8. Insert the Present Perfect or

Past Indefinite.

1. You __ never __ me why you're

called Tony when your name is James,

(to tell) (Galsworthy) 2. 1 __ her name in

the papers rather often of late, (to see)

(Maugham) 3. "The rain __, carino,"

Montanelli said after sunset. "Come out;

I want to have a talk with you." (to stop)

(Voynich) 4. " __ you __ a job?" "There

are none." (to find) (Galsworthy) 5. " __

you __ all the necessary preparations

incident to Miss Sedley's departure, Miss

Jemima?" asked Miss Pinkerton. (to

complete) (Thackeray) 6. His father __

just a week ago to-day, (to die)

(Galsworthy) 7. I know where you the

morning, (to spend) (Austen) 8. Gh! You

__. someone with you. Introduce me. (to

bring) (Shaw) 9. Barbara! You __ the

education of a lady. Please, let your

father see that and don't talk like a

street girl, (to have) (Shaw) 10. ""Let's

go," said Abra - niovici; "I __ my

appetite." (to lose) (Heym) 11. "Oh - oh

-you are Mary Gerrard? ... You __ I - I

wouldn't have recognized you." (to

change) (Christie) 12. "Where's the

paper?" asked Edward. "I __ the leading

article yet." (to read - negative)

(Maugham) 13. Montanelli __ awake the

whole night through, (to lie) (Voynich)

14. Mr. Worthing, I suppose, __ from

London yet? (to return - negative)

(Wilde) 15. It's the most tasteless,

repulsive idea I __ ever __ of (to hear) .

(Murdoch and Priestley) 16. Mother, I __

just __ to him. (to write) (Wilde) 17. My

hands are all wet with these roses.

Aren't they lovely? They __ up from

Selley this morning. (to come)

(Wilde) 18. Young Mako __ a match, __

his pipe, and __ them slowly, (to strike,

to light, to approach) (Abrahams) 19. In

fact I __ just __ a telegram to say that my

poor friend Bunbury is very ill again,

(to have) (Wilde) 20. You __ even __ at

that book I got you on the war in the

Pacific, (to look - negative) .

(Murdoch) 21. When __ you first __ the

co-respondent ... ? (to see)

(Galsworthy) 22. We __ in silence for a

few minutes. He __ at last, (to sit, to

speak) (Dickens) 23. "I __ so little

experience yet," she said. "I only __

school yesterday, you see." (to have, to

leave) (Beresford) 24. "I __ surely __ very

long," returned Florence. "When __ I __

here? Yesterday?" (to sleep, to come)

(Dickens) 25. I __ Ann at her father's

house twenty odd years ago and __ her

ever since, (to meet, to know) (Stone)
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